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Dasmariñas City, Cavite

The City of Dasmariñas is a first class city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. It is located approximately 30 kilometers south of Manila. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 556,330 people, making it before the most populous municipality in the Philippines before it was converted into a city.[2] Dasmariñas is now the 11th largest city in the country in terms of population. It has a land area of 90.1 square kilometers. Dasmariñas is part of Cavite's second congressional district. In 2010 Elections Dasmariñas will have its own legislative district. Jennfer A. Barzaga is the city mayor.

Dasmariñas is the wealthiest local government unit in the province of Cavite according to the 2006 Commission on Audit report. In addition, prior to its conversion into a city, Dasmariñas was the only municipality in the Philippines that had both an SM and Robinsons Mall.

Dasmariñas is named after "Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas", governor of the Philippines from 1590 to 1593 and his son Luis Pérez Dasmariñas, governor from 1593 to 1596.
Dasmariñas literally means "from the marines" in the Galician language.

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  • Metrogate Dasmarinas Clubhouse, Fran Trego (guest) wrote 1 day ago:
    As of the month April, 2014, the current security agency contracted in Metrogate Dasmarinas (San Agustin) are the worst group of clowns that I have seen in almost 4 years of living in the subdivision. This group, led by the oic, Elizeir something or another, a short cocky little bastard who brags of being an ex-marine, claims to run a tight ship with his subordinates, has been found on numerous occasions sleeping at night while "on duty". Sleeping in the main front gate guard house with other security guards. I just wish that I had video taped them! This oic is very unprofessional and very arrogant. He harasses home owners, openly bad mouths homeowners and cares more about other peoples personal business than doing his job of protecting the residents within Metrogate. He has also been known to invite himself to home owners get togethers' just to eat the free food. The ico also pushes himself to ask for free coffee from homeowners. I also know that he begged a foreigner living there to borrow money and then never paid it back! Lastly, the home owner president, who is a very nice man, who happens to be gay... the oic is constantly making gay jokes and saying horrific sexual things about this man trying to make sure that the homeowners do not re-elect him. If you are reading this and have any similar thoughts or experiences, please post it so that we can get a new agency with professional security guards that will make us feel safe when we are in our homes at night. Thank you!
  • Saint Paul College, Island Park, cha (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    Lalo name so MS. May so rang kapal ng mukha! Umakyat ang Nanak as stage kahit nanabunot!
  • Saint Paul College, Island Park, cha (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    Panget at makapal mukha ng mga teachers
  • Academia Trinitas, YouDontKnowMe (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    hi, before you say something negative about the school, please make sure you have the right English grammar, thank you. A lot of us who carried the name Trinitarian are now successful. Try asking yourself why and think of what you are now.
  • Academia Trinitas, cuteakowalangpalag (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
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